About Us

HOPE India

India, a country with rich cultural heritage.The towering Himalayas, the mighty Ganges, the beautiful Taj Mahal. A country that has mountains, deserts, plateaus, plains, rivers, forests and many other natural beauties. On the contrary we have busy cities with buzzing traffic, the rapidly increasing IT sectors, invention of new technology each day, people running to make a living. India is a country that’s fast developing where everyone is looking for something new each day.

Are the people satisfied? Are they happy with their busy lives? Is there something else that they’re looking for? True joy, true happiness, a blessed hope that assures them of a blessed future?

Hope India is a special group of dedicated believers who are passionate about sharing God’s message with others. Unsatisfied with the status quo they realize that the church must use 21st century technology to reach the billions of lost people who crowd our cities and states. They envision God’s message spanning the globe through the Hope Channel and want to be a part of the big things He is accomplishing through media ministry.

Let’s shares Jesus with others. He is the joy of living, a saviour and friend.
It’s high time that all know the truth. The truth from the Bible, the Three Angels’ message. A message of hope, the hope of the soon return of Jesus Christ to take us to our heavenly home.

They praise God for leading Hope TV India. They pray that many lives will be touched and drawn to God by the programs broadcast. Let us unite our hearts and minds to work for the Lord so that His coming may be hastened. God bless us all.

HOPE Channel International

The world-wide Church of Seventh-day Adventists is engaged in TV broadcasts to all continents. All over the world the programs can be received regionally over satellite and internet media.

Hope Channel International provides TV programs in English language offering support on important questions of life. As Seventh-day Adventists practice a wholistic lifestyle, the TV program is based on this wholistic concept, too.